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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Are there any plans for more UK shows before the year is out?

The more shows we do, the less time we have to build up our new material. We are playing the London and Manchester WHP nights and a Gatecrasher night in Nottingham and that is it. We head off to a farm somewhere in Cheshire in November to really get stuck into what will become our second record so we have chosen to keep gigs to a minimum.

Now I’ve been to see you on each of your UK tours this year and I have to say that the support acts have been quality…..are you in charge of picking them?

Yes we are. We try to listen to as much new music as possible so we are always suggesting acts to our booking agents in the hope they will play with us. Luckily, they appreciate the importance of a quality support band. We were really lucky to play with Everything Everything. That has to be a highlight for us.

It seems that you've been on tour for the majority of each month so far this year, is it hard being away from home for such a length of time?

It not necessarily hard being away from home. It doesn't even feel like we have one at the moment. But it is hard being away from our studio... It is, however, inspiring seeing all the new places we have seen around the world (Berlin, Tokyo, New York etc) and we like the idea of moving out of Manchester to keep us inspired.

What in your eyes are the best & worst venue/crowd you’ve played to?

Some of the festivals this summer have been great. Glastonbury and Reading to name but a few. It's scary playing festivals because you never know quite how many people are going to turn up until the last minute before you go onstage, but luckily we have been fortunate enough to have a lot of full tents this summer. I wouldn't like to talk about the bad ones on the off chance someone from one of those gigs is reading this...

The third and final part of the interview will follow tomorrow

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