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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


The boys recently took part in an interview for delphicfans heres the first part. I hope you enjoy it?

So your away writing at the moment, how is that going.....any new material for a second album?

We have been accumulating lots and lots of ideas during our time on the road these last 18 months and passing around usb sticks to each other containing folders and folders of melodies, chord sequences and synth sounds.
Whenever we get back from tour we get into the studio at Delphic HQ and start to add more elements to these ideas. Sometimes we head off to a little cottage in Hereford so we can completely escape from everything and really immerse ourselves in the new sound. The sound is quite different from Acolyte but that is really exciting us at the moment.
We write songs in quite an odd way. We tend to build up a number of ideas together rather than just writing one song and then moving onto the next.
We also like to challenge ourselves quite a lot to produce more interesting results. So, on the first album, we wrote 10 songs with the intention of those songs being our complete debut album. However, with this second record, we have about 15 or 16 embryonic songs/ideas (which will hopefully grow even more) that we will choose from once they are all completed.

You've just announced a home town gig at the Warehouse Project called Delphic presents Acolyte, does this mean that you will be playing the album in full?

Most probably, but not necessarily in the order that they are presented on the album. We can have a lot of fun live with all the mixes between songs, although this obviously presents a difficulty when slotting in new songs as they need to be remixed into the set...

If not is this something that you plan to do in the future?

Probably not. We are really looking forward to getting the new songs ready and then approaching the live set from a different angle with the new songs. I also like the idea of slightly adapting some of the old songs to fit in with the style of the new sound.

Will there be any surprise additions to the set such as b sides/new material and covers?

I really want to play Alterstate live for this show but I'm not sure we will have time to rehearse it. As i mentioned with the new songs, it is not easy to slot in new ideas due to the way we perform live in this DJ style. And with the new songs taking on a different sonic shape, it wouldn't feel right just to lump something in with the Acolyte songs. Ideally we would like to keep them separate entities.


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