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Thursday, 30 September 2010

EXCLUSIVE Interview Part 3

Which bands/artists are you currently listening to?

We have had Everything Everything's album on repeat since its release and we are very fond of it. Other than that we have been listening to everything from Villagers to Philip Glass.

Would you ever consider collaborating with any other artists, if so who?

Of course, i think collaborating with other people, whether they are producers or performers is interesting - anything that can expand your musical horizons and open your mind to new things. We have learnt a lot from the producers we worked with on the first album (Ewan Pearson, Steve Dub, Tom Rowlands, Paul Hartnoll) and even if we didn't always use the recordings, we took a lot of valuable stuff away with us. The people we all really admire (Bowie, Bjork etc) have always worked with different people in an attempt to stay fresh and exciting.

See below a photo taken from the studio

And with that the good ship Delphic set sail across to the US of A. Thank you very much for taken the time out to do this boys, very much appreciated.

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