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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Chinwag With Rick

Rick kindly took some time out from the mastering of album two to answer a few more questions & to give us an insight in to the new record.

Acolyte was produced by Ewan Pearson, who has produced this record??

RB This record gone through 2 different producers: Tim Goldsworthy and Ben Allen. We are currently finishing the mix over in Atlanta with Ben at the moment. Only another week and a half to go. 

You said that you had a name for the album, could you share that with us, or are you keeping it close to your chest??

RB Unfortunately we will not be revealing the name just yet...

I was reading on you're twitter account that you have added a female vocalist Alyusha Chagrin in to the set up, how did that come about??

RB We have been experimenting with lots of different musicians on this record. When you are in a band, it is usually the norm to be confined to your set up, but we thought it would be interesting to play with some other people to help get us out of our comfort zone. So we experimented with a few different vocalists/bass players/trumpet players etc. Alyusha actually ended up beat boxing on a track. We also just worked with a vocalist from a band called larkin poe out here in Atlanta too. She was amazing. 

Do you have a release date for album 2/first single??

RB It will be soon.

How many tracks will be on the new record & for those that didn't make the cut will you be releasing them as B'sides/downloads??

Unfortunately we will not be revealing the name just yet...

Do you have plans to do some smaller gigs to experiment the new sound??

RB Yeah i think so. when we get back from atlanta, we will resume rehearsals and then be looking to try out the new material almost immediately. Hopefully towards the end of the summer. Although we may do some secret shows before that to try it all out more privately.

Have you any surprise festival appearances lined up??

RB They won't be a surprise if we tell you about it...

You found another classic act in No Ceremony, i heard them on mainstream Radio 1 not too long ago......Who is on Delphics ipods at the moment??

We have been listening to morris day who used to work with prince. James is currently playing Johnny and Mary by Robert Palmer on the piano as i write this. We really like Frank Ocean, especially the song white. Lone's latest album is really cool and we have been out in Atlanta for the past 2 months, so naturally we have been listening to a lot of hip hop and neo soul. 

Are there any exclusives you'd like to share with the fans??

RB We did have a song called bhangra, but have sinced changed the name to something else.

Again, thanks for your patience !

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A big thank you once again to Rick for answering the above questions. By the looks of things it isn't a million miles away until the band are back on the road and hitting the airwaves once again.

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