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Monday, 3 October 2011

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Rick

Rick has kindly taken some time out to answer some questions about album 2 and what is happening in the world of Delphic.......

You've been away from the lime light pretty much since The Warehouse Project last year give or take some one off gigs, what have you been upto?

well, 2 years solid touring took its toll so we decided to take a few weeks off immediately after that final warehouse project gig, before reconvening in a studio barn somewhere outside of manchester to set about tackling the task of writing album no. 2. we have been working hard building up the new album since the start of this year and now finally feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. we tend to spend quite a lot of time experimenting with things making sure we get them just right. it has been somewhat of an arduous process at times, but the results will be worth it.

You've recently been posting some instrumentals on your website, is this the sign of things to come?

some of them maybe. we are always working on new arrangements and feels and sometimes they never see the light of day, but sometimes they make it onto our blog videos or even the album.

Have you got a name for album 2 yet?


For Acolyte you had Ewan Pearson producing, any ideas on who you want to produce album 2?

there are lots of people we admire at the moment and have been speaking to a few different people regarding production. it's always a tricky one as we end of producing the majority of it ourselves, so letting someone into our inner sanctum can make us all feel uneasy. however, i think there always comes a point when you lose objectivity and you need an outside opinion. we could end working with a few different people for this new album as different people have different skills. it's not exactly straightforward.

What can we expect from album 2, a change of direction?

i think so. again, it's hard to be objective about what we are doing as we have been lost in this world for months now, but we do get bored very easily and constantly challenge ourselves sonically. when we started writing the first album, we only had one synthesizer and some basic knowledge of computer programming. naturally over the last few years we have become better programmers and arrangers and most importantly better songwriters. i think the first album in some way was defined by our limitations, in a good way... but i think this one will sound quite different due to the new limitations set upon us - not necessarily lack of skill, but more psychological or trying to balance between different musical worlds.

When do you expect album 2 to be completed?

we are pretty close, but it's hard to say. the writing is almost done and quite a bit of the recording. but then we have to take it out of our world and into a new one, where we aren't always in control.

Have you any plans to showcase the new material prior to the album/single being released?

absolutely. we are probably going to pop up unannounced over the next few months to try out some of the new songs. we all miss touring so hopefully we will be back out for a full tour in the not too distant future.

Whats been on the delphic playlist of late? I listened to a playlist you did a few months ago and am now hooked on that Janelle Monae track ''Faster''.

hudson mohawke is pretty much constantly being played in our flat. we really love his production. and there are other people in his field who we also really like at the moment like rustie or lunice. but it's not all dance music and production, we spend most of our time listening to great songwriters like kate bush or gram parsons. the music we are listening to at the moment is different to the music we were listening to when we wrote acolyte, so naturally the sound of the album has taken a different turn.

Like we said in your last interview your support acts have been of the highest order, have you seen any bands lately that you would love to have in support?

a friend introduced us to a band called no ceremony recently. we have only heard the one track, but it is very curious. hopefully there will be more revealed soon.

Thank you for your time Rick, have you anything else you'd like to share with your fans?

for anyone is wanting to hear album no.2, thank you for waiting so patiently. we have been working very hard so that we can release something of the highest quality. there would be no point rushing something for the sake of it. just hang on a bit longer please...

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  1. Can't wait for the album to be released! Love your music guys and i'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
    Hopefully see you soon, from Your number one fan that works in a farm shop!

    Pete x