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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Delphics Guide To Manchester

Visiting Manchester for the Warehouse Project? Not sure where to find the best Corned Beef Hash? Or the best spot for Geese Feeding? Richard Boardman of Manchester three-piece Delphic gives us his pick of the city he calls home.

You've been around the world but still call Manchester home. Can you put your finger on what it is that you love about the city?

Manchester is where most of us grew up. We spent years as kids traipsing round the toilet venues watching bands and playing ourselves. There is a very strong music network in Manchester and there is a lot of help for new bands. I also like the way you can walk across it in half an hour, and I like the way it looks now.

What's your favourite Manchester...


Knott Bar - we all live near this and it has become our local. A nice selection of foreign beers.

374 Deansgate, M3 4LY, 0161 839 9229


We don't go to clubs now.


Sam's Chop House for Corned Beef Hash.

Back Pool Fold, M2 1HN, 0161 834 3210

...Sunday morning hang out?

Delphic HQ.

Best local DJ of the moment?

Dan Hadley/Delphic V2.0

Current favourite Manchester band?

It's difficult not say Everything Everything. Their album has been on our iPods pretty much constantly since its release. But we also have a huge soft spot for Dutch Uncles. They showed us some of their new tracks the other day and we became quite excited. In fact, Duncan (singer) came over to my house the other day and we spent the whole day going through ideas and listening to music. It's interesting to spend time with other musicians outside of your own group.

Do you have anything special planned for your WHP show?

If we did, we wouldn't ruin the surprise.

Aside from your night, are there any other WHP events that you're particularly looking forward to?

I'm quite disappointed we can't attend the one the night before (we are playing the London Warehouse that night), with Magnetic Man, Flying Lotus, Joy Orbison, Martyn and Joker amongst others. I would also like to see Kelis...

One thing that any visitor to Manchester should do.

Go and visit Katsouris Deli on Deansgate.

113 Deansgate, M3 2BQ, 0161 819 1260

Describe your ideal day in Manchester.

A Delphic bike ride up to see our drummer, Dan and his dog, Zach in Stretford follwed by feeding the Canada Geese in Castlefield.

Thanks Rich!

Delphic headline The Warehouse Project in Manchester on Saturday 30th October.

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  1. Hiya, I can't go to the Manchester gig on 30th Oct at The Warehouse Project anymore and need to sell my tickets :cry: contact me if you want them on or call/txt 07816949980. Julia

  2. Hi

    Sorry about the late reply, i can't go myself so im gutted. Trying to do something special with video footage, but need folk to record on HD camera phones. Hope you manage to sell them


  3. Cheers, I'm still trying to sell em! Hope you get lots of footage.