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Monday, 22 March 2010

Leadmill Review

REVIEW: Delphic, Sheffield Leadmill

Published Date: 22 March 2010

DOCTOR Who and his Tardis are back on TV soon, but a trip down the Leady this weekend gave gig goers the chance to experience a time machine of a different sort.
New Manchester bright hopes Delphic, already on their second visit to the city this year, transport us back, evoking the spirit of '88 with their acid rave feel and Technique-era New Order influences.
It sounds the perfect soundtrack for a liberal dose of that meerkat stuff, or whatever it is that the kids are into these days.
But the night takes us forward too - surely we are seeing the evolution of a band due to set alight many a bigger stage and festival tent over the months to come.
The live set already seems to have left the debut album Acolyte far behind, although Doubt and Halcyon are still tight and run no longer than the four minute mark.
The more spacey tracks though are now being allowed to take flight and grow, with an epic This Momentary leading the way and a euphoric Counterpoint soaring even higher to provide the night's highlight.
It probably wouldn't work at all if Delphic didn't have such big tunes to fall back on, anchoring the show and never letting things drift into self-indulgence.
Indeed a tight hour-long set while feeling just right, also left you wanting something more - always the sign of a good set.

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