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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spanish Interview

I have translated the interview from Spanish to English

Richard Boardman, Delphic group: "We are big fans of Brian Eno»
We talked to Richard Boardman, Delphic multi-instrumentalist, danceable rock band noted for use alongside New Order. Tomorrow Friday, acting in Razz Club.

"The press keeps Delphic compare with New Order. Do you like or already beginning to tire?
"It's something that flatters us, of course, although I do not think we like both. They say because we are also in Manchester. If you stop to listen to our music, you can also find echoes of LFO, The Future Sound Of London, Orbital and many other groups who have sought emotion through electronics.

"Now that speech ... Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, middle of the famous duo, was a candidate to produce his first album, Acolyte. What happened eventually?
"I just did not work. The same with Tom Rowlands of The Chemical Brothers. We loved what they did in the studio, but that was Delphic, did not fit the project we had in the head. Eventually the work was in the hands of Ewan Pearson. With him everything was different: the first understood what we wanted.

- A smooth and elegant fusion of rock with electronics?
"Exactly, just this. It has really helped Ewan Pearson, but also our drummer Dan Hadley. There is a permanent member of the group but has been essential, as subtly adjust electronic patterns is striking.

-Publish a panoramic sound disc at a time of low-fi cult. Are not you a little scared?
"True, today they worship the sound cheap, but what people do not realize is that often dictate that sound cheap limitations. We're big fans of Brian Eno and sophisticated productions. Many people in the indie and punk speaks of the Beach Boys as a reference, but in the classic albums of this group was an incredible level of production.

"The album is perfect for home and for the track. And also to run, would you have said?
- (Laughter). No, no, but I guess that should work ... Must be the rhythm, put you in a trance, can not stop. In the next accelerate the bpm [beats per minute], so people burn more calories in their careers through the city.

The interview was with

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