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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Barcelona Review In Spanish Press

I have translated from Spanish to English for you

Delphic, ecstasy Friday night
•The rock group gave an expansive dance performance at the Razz Club

First major debut this year, the majestic Acolyte Delphic British group is a record whose sound seems quite difficult to translate to the stage. Under the tutelage of producer Ewan Pearson, the British trio has achieved a combination of alternative rock with dance music that surprises with its infinite finesse, Its elegance, nuance and fluidity. It warns the shadow of New Order, but of the best New Order, not the past, badly designed stadium rock. And Orbital, The Future Sound Of London and on the side of the guitars, more recent projects like Klaxons and Bloc Party.

DIRECT hypnotics / But, as suggested by the Chronicles of other countries, Delphic also shines in vivo. And despite facing an audience, mostly irredentist no fan, but clubbers weekend, the group could impose its law on Friday in Razz Club. The alarms sounded elegant home-gave way to nervousness, the cock-vowel and errors, but past Clarion call
and frustrating Doubt tinkering with the machinery began to leave without breathing a few fans and also to new users.
The very Duran Duran Halcyon already demonstrated its ability to sublimate, also in vivo, the marriage of electronic rock. The machines were manipulated by Richard Boardman friends with the bass of James Cook
(also convincing frontman), Matt Cocksedge guitar and drummer Dan unostentatious Hadley. The group extended each topic-tiny collection hits: Red lights, This momentary, Counterpoint- With passages of pure dance hypnosis, leaving a slight space between numbers in a continuous kaleidoscopic emotion. Surely many would miss the epic instrumental AcolyteBut the final feeling was clear, resounding satisfaction.
And having seen their first steps to training that could gain massive attention in the not so distant. Stay with the ancient Greek city name.

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